Tuesday, February 1, 2011

whew today was a workout. chana was up in the middle of the night and came down not feeling great. more mental than anything else, i felt. she said she could barely move her limbs, etc. we negotiated that we would only do rashi (which we didn't get to yesterday, surprise surprise) and review a few of the pesukim about hagar and do the last bit of shishi.

well. those pesukim are ones with words that chana was just having trouble remembering. so i was going over and over them. which she does not like. she kept saying it was too hard. i honestly did not feel like it was that much or that it was too hard. i do understand that she was in a mental state where things were a bit harder today, coupled with her extreme distaste for reviewing words that she is having trouble remembering. so we did it. i think it went well. i don't expect her to remember them for next time, but maybe she will remember a bit more of them. i think tomorrow we will do the same thing.

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