Thursday, February 3, 2011

a question that emerged from chazara

we were very time crunched today. which always makes me antsy. i should have given myself more of a psyching up talk to stay calm and how quality is more important than quantity. but it wasn't terrible. i thank my years of working on patience with sarah in chumash that a lot of my anxieties and impatiences have been curbed and i'm used to wiping them off my face.

we did 2 new pesukim. only one new word. then we did the long rashi we never got to yesterday. chana asked a great question. why does hashem need to make a bris? isn't he trustworthy to keep his promise?

i reminded her that avraham asked how will i know that i will inherit? which led chana right to the question--why didn't avraham trust hashem to keep his promise, or as chana put it, "tell the future?" good question.

i like how review opens up new questions.

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