Monday, February 14, 2011

i decided to do another round of chumash tonight. why, you might ask. did you not forget that this was the first day chana seemed ok after a tough spell? why push it?

i'm not sure. but my intuition told me it would be ok. plus we are going to an origami show tomorrow, so we won't have so much time.

so i said we'd do 10 min chazara of shishi. i set the timer, and turned it off during complaints. i think it took about a half an hr. that (for those of you who aren't mathy) is a ratio of 2 min of complaint per 1 min of translation. chana did notice that the torah seems to put in extra adjectives like sara "wife of avram" and hagar "the egyptian slave." she said we know this already, why put it in? but she didn't really stop to think about why, so i left her with the question.

then i had some mercy on her and we reviewed from pasuk 7 of rishon in vayera and not from the beginning. and it went ok. i assured her we would not be doing double chumash every day from now on.

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