Wednesday, February 16, 2011

questions and discussions

chana asked today why the pasuk includes the fact that avraham was sitting in the heat of the day. so i asked what information she thought that gave us about avraham. we talked about how he ran to greet the men ("and he didn't know they were sent by hashem; he thought they were just regular guys," said chana). and how he was recovering from surgery and how it would be hard to run so hot in the desert.

then she asked again about hashem leaving out to avraham the part where sara said "and my master is old." she felt bad that avraham never found that out. and we talked about whether avraham was better off knowing or not knowing that. and how it was interesting that hashem thought it would be better for his feelings not to be hurt and for him not to find out.

then chana thought it was funny that hashem said, "is it too shocking a thing for hashem to do?" when he IS hashem. which got her off on the path of hashem already knew that this was how they would react, because hashem knows everything...

then we finished rishon and chana said, "end scene."

we still have rashi and chazara.

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