Monday, February 20, 2017

early morning wakeup

Aharon (5) woke me at 7am to ask me how to spell "design."  He is playing Roblox.  Usually he doesn't awaken me in the mornings (this is the first year that he's been going downstairs by himself without waking a parent, which feels like a huge milestone) but apparently this morning the desire to spell these words correctly so he could play this game was too much for him.  So now I'm sitting nearby, so that he can ask me how to spell words every five minutes. "Helmet" "sport" "country" etc.

Yet again I'm thinking how unschooling has him coming to me, chasing me down for spelling help, waking me up in the morning for spelling help.  As opposed to me trying to get them to sit down and work on things they aren't interested in.

I wonder how many more times it will take him to learn the word "design."

Friday, February 10, 2017

unschooling reading/writing

Aharon age 5 has been reading for over a year already.  He is playing a game called Roblox "design it" and you have to dress up and people vote for you.  They give you a category and then you search for clothes in that category and dress your character.  They give you five minutes to dress your character.  So roughly every five minutes for the past three hours, Aharon has asked me how to spell something.  (I believe he is searching for categories of clothing--he asked for "wings" three times and he probably knows how to spell it by now).  In the beginning he was pretty intense and kept shrieking that he only has 4 minutes left and I have to help him RIGHT NOW!!!! (Which I did.)  I just noticed that in the last half hour or so, his requests are growing more spaced.  He must be learning to spell the commonly used words he needs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Unschooling School Day tomorrow

We are heading into a winter storm tomorrow.  Somebody posted:  

So excited for a free day with the kids due to expected snow storm tomorrow. A day free of back to back sports activities, homework assignments, of rushing to get up in the morning. A day free to relax, enjoy, and finally bake those chocolate cornflakes that I've been promising to make with them for over a month!

And all I keep thinking is, "That's our every day."  

Minus chocolate cornflakes.  I have no idea what those are.

Ah.  I don't think anyone in my house will eat those.  But hot chocolate with whipped cream...Yum.