Monday, February 21, 2011

so i wanted to teach chana yesterday (sunday) but we went to visit my grandparents and then i was decompressing from the drive and then chana wanted to go play with her cousin which i knew meant no work that evening or night and would probably lead to a sleepover. so chana agreed to do double work today.

i called her to come home when jack went in for his nap. we did sheni twice with 4 new pesukim which didn't take very long because we are only in the very beginning of sheni. then we did just words from rishon, and didn't do it twice. then she did one rashi twice.

chana asked why, if hashem already knows the future, he goes through a whole thought process of how he has to tell avraham what he's planning to do with sedom. why is hashem talking to himself. why not just tell avraham. why say to himself, "hmm, i have to tell avraham because he's going to be a big nation etc etc." (i said he was telling us by telling himself). chana said that hashem confuses her a lot.

then she asked why hashem didn't send avraham to save lot.

then she asked if there were any other good people in sedom other than lot. i said good question. avraham asks the same question. she begged for me to tell her. i said she'll find out soon and showed her that it's in 2 pages. she said that's not soon enough!!!

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