Thursday, February 10, 2011

cutting down when "out of the zone"

we did some spot review of some milim from last parsha, then 4 new pesukim from vayera. chana was whining that the 4 pesukim was tooooo much for her. she is truly in a phase where it is more strugglesome for her. when i first discovered these "waves" of "on" time and "off" time with the very first student that i homeschooled about 13 yrs ago, i realized that he had a lot of trouble with writing. yet some weeks he could plug away at his aeph-beis script and do it, and some weeks it was sooooooooo hard for him. in first grade, i used tol give him a couple of weeks off or just have him do the minimal (a few practice letters a day). it was fascinating to me that kids have rhythms (as i'm sure do adults) and sometimes the very same activity can be a breeze or sometimes it can be slow and painful going.

so when chana was younger, i would have eased up more. now i am easing up, but not to the extent i did when she was younger. but if in an easier time we are doing 1 hr of the aliyah we are in the middle of and half an hour or more of rashi/review, then now we are doing under a half hour of the aliyah we are in (part of that is because we just started a new parsha, which is convenient) and we reviewed for 15 min and did only one rashi.

we wanted to go for ice cream today (chazak!) but the store only takes cash and i only had 3 dollars. hope to rectify that next time.

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