Sunday, February 27, 2011

rashi and translation

how is it possible that 15 min can feel soooooo long? chana kept saying she didn't want to do it. so even though it was short, it was agonizing. but she got through it pretty quickly. i think the issue is that she doesn't remember it fluently yet. she likes to know it fluently.

anyway, after sheni, i asked her to do rishon with ari. she really wanted to do it with me, but i didn't want to sit through the whining. she did it w/ ari very quickly and with a lot less whining. and we decided not to do rashi. there is only that one rashi, and she's pretty good at it. i haven't found another rashi that strikes me yet.

tomorrow i'm going to try to finish sheni. chana already predicted the next point will be 30, then 20, then 10. then she figured 5. i said, nope, no five. so she figured the answer was that he would kill the city if only 10 people. i'm looking forward to her reading what actually happens.

while chana was reviewing rishon, she looked, of her own accord, at rashi to help translate "ha-af umnom eled" which rashi translates as "hagam emet eled" will i also really give birth. glad she remembered to make recourse to that! in the word "ho-alti" i had her find the pasuk and the rashi and the dibur hamatchil and she again had a little fit (though not nearly as intense as last time) and i asked her why i make her do it and she muttered "so i can understand it when i grow up but i really don't want to." and she read that "ho-alti" means "ratziti" (i wanted). so i'm glad she's finding that it helps in translation.

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