Monday, February 28, 2011

today we finished sheni and instead of reviewing rishon i decided to review half of shishi from lech lecha. we put the timer on 15 min and chana finished with 26 seconds to spare. she remembered 90% of it (though that's my feeling, not an accurate mathematical assessment).

sheni is still like pulling teeth but i think it's getting a bit easier. chana still has trouble with the shoresh נ.ש.א always mistaking it for "asa" make/do. also כ.ל.ה being "finish." i showed her that in onkelos so maybe that will help. i should probably underline it in pencil so her eyes will go there faster.

of course "ho-alti" came up and she didn't remember, and i had to flip back and show her in rashi.

i wish these words would stick. but i feel like i just don't know how many repetitions it takes to stick. and she is frustrated that she doesn't remember, and i wonder if that's because i'm giving off a vibe of "you should be remembering." which is unfortunate.

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