Friday, February 4, 2011

so today i worked chana pretty hard. (and we still haven't done rashi yet!) i decided to start from perek 16. which means of shishi, she did perek 16 and 17 through shvi'i, and 2 new pesukim. she needed the review, and she did pretty well. but she felt it was too much. it was, grand total, about under an hour. but it was an intense hour.

she did stop in the middle to inquire how to spell wear, and contrast it with we are, we're and were. so i'll stick that grammar lesson on the quarterly, too :-P

she did envision so many different messengers of hashem coming to hagar (as per rashi). we did wonder why rashi says so many messengers (we understood why he said it insofar as it keeps saying "and the malach hashem said" but not the idea behind why hashem would send different messengers for each statement).

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