Monday, January 31, 2011

today we just did shishi. we are nearing the end and it is a monster aliyah. chana kept saying she can't do it. i capped it at an hour. she noticed today that 400 yrs and 4 generations is not the same thing. she asked if a generation is 100 yrs. i said no. then how come the jews will be slaves for 400 yrs but will go back after 4 generations? excellent question. (i know they are only enslaved for 210 yrs, but the pshat is tricky). she asked again how kna'an is a slave if he doesnt' seem to be.

we made it through within the hour. we still have some rashis to do, but we'll break first. and hopefully get back to them.

hashem changed avram's name today. very exciting!

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