Monday, February 7, 2011

what is going on with rashi?

i'm always wishy washying around about rashi. there are so many skills i'm trying to impart--mainly reading correctly w/o nekudos and translating (not to mention what is the general idea of the rashi plus analysis). i think i'm not sure 1. what my goals actually are and 2. how to achieve those goals.

i had kind of figured if you just read rashi enough, you'd be able to read and translate it. but it doesnt' seem to be working that way. i feel like we review and review and review, and although i do think if i would revisit the rashi a few months later she would probably remember the content of the rashi, i don't know if she'd be able to translate it correctly. or how much she would pronounce correctly.

i wonder if there is a methodology for rashi.

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