Tuesday, February 8, 2011

heading into a down phase

we did part of shvi'i today (the pesukim were easy so i just reviewed a couple of the words) and 2 new pesukim and the one new rashi. chana for some reason found that very overwhelming. so we ended up taking a veeeerrrrry long break (something we don't often have the luxury of doing because we are supposed to be going somewhere, but today is a stay at home in pajamas day). and then doing shlishi for chazara. which took under 15 min. i'm not sure why chana has been feeling so burdened by chumash in the last few days. but i know sometimes there are phases like that. so we are lessening the workload til it gets better. usually it's a few weeks.

in chazara, chana noticed that avraham says that there shouldn't be a fight between himself and lot, but he and lot were not fighting--just the shepherds were. good observation.

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