Sunday, February 6, 2011

working on sunday

so today is sunday, and i was yelling up to ari to please get jack ready for his morning nap when chana said, "aw, i don't want to do chumash now!" (she was on the computer). so what did i say? "oh, chan, i know... he's going in in 5 min. get ready." i had been planning to futz around, maybe watch supernanny, maybe clean something up, but who am i to argue with her assumption that we are doing chumash? :-D

so we started with a rashi, and i told her we would just do that one today and not the other 2 we've been working on. she then requested that we only do shvi'i. but i said let's start with perek 17 (which is 6 extra pesukim). so we started with shvi'i, and then came across an interesting rashi, so i read it to her and she translated. "whoever lives in chutz l'aaretz, it's like he doesn't have a god." naturally she said but hashem is our Gd and we aren't in israel. and then she said, "so it's not true." so i said it is true but it's hard to understand what he means.

then after shvi'i, we went back to the beginning of perek 17 and then i had her read the rashi again.

also, we noticed that there was a development that first hashem said do the bris. then hashem said cut. then hashem said where. over 3 pesukim.

also we noticed that avraham has to do a bris on all who are born in his household, and also those that buys (slaves).

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