Tuesday, February 22, 2011

when reading the question: are you going to finish the tzadik with the rasha? chana said that she was asking the same question. (her question was: are there other good people in sedom?)

the review of pesukim helps. chana had been translating the pasuk with sorah: after not, will i have youth? and my master is old! and i will be young again?
today she noticed that sorah doesn't say "i will be young again?" after "and my master is old" and i explained to her "will i have youth?" is where she asked if she will be young again. so it looks like she made a better connection to the translation and the meaning.

we've been doing 2 new pesukim a day but they've been tough, each with a few new words, so maybe we should slow down. we are still only doing the one rashi from vayera but i think she finally gets it so we'll be ready to move on to another soon.

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