Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i didn't get a chance to write what we did yesterday. we finished sheni and did the first pasuk in shlishi. chana noticed that lot's behavior (running to greet, bowing down) is similar to what avraham did. we remarked that lot learned from avraham!

she asked why there were 2 people, when avraham had 3. i said let's do rashi. she said but rashi isn't always right. (i try to emphasize that rashi isn't always literal which isn't the same as right/wrong but it's a distinction that took sarah a while and i assume it will be similar with chana). i think the idea made sense to her that the one that told sorah the news finished his job so he didn't go on to sedom.

then we went to gymnastics and chana chazered rishon in the car. she did a truly excellent job. i think we can even stop reviewing rishon for a while. which is good because sheni still needs some work and we are up to shlishi. so this morning we did the rashi (yesterday, chana asked me to read it to her before she did it. i read it to her phrase by phrase, and she mostly translated it auditorily. it is much easier for her to translate it when i read it than for her to read it without nekudos and then attempt translation). at first it was unfamiliar but then she remembered it. then we did the first 3 pesukim of shlishi. then she will review sheni in the car on the way to the play we are going to see (the man who planted trees). i like reviewing in the car. now theoretically instead of working with her, i can have a cup of coffee or clean up. theoretically :-)

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