Wednesday, June 30, 2010

oh the whining

unbelieveable whining today. oops as i sat to write this i remembered that i was supposed to tell her not to whine. i must remember that. simple, straightforward request. i think it's my guilt that makes me forget. i feel like i'm torturing her, so she has the right to whine...

so i'm torturing her so she can torture me and now we're even? far better for me to make sure i'm confident in my choices, and be firm in requesting that she speak in a normal tone of voice!
to be a bit fair to me, i'm pretty sure i requested no whining a few times but she kept lapsing into it, and towards the end she had so many complaints i was fielding them and forgot to take a stand on the whining.

the review part went fine. i graduated her 2 more pesukim, to be reviewed on monday. (today is wednesday). so for tomorrow, she has one tricky pasuk (14) that she's getting a nice handle on, and pasuk 15 that is pretty easy to translate but i want her to read it again because although she knows "ama" (cubit), length, width, and height from context, i want her more familiar with the words. definitely an advantage to her reading and reviewing it with the hebrew, even though she is violently opposing it. (point: she doesn't use the words length, width, and height; she uses "longness, wideness, and tallness.")

so the review went fine, and then she requested a 20 min break, which i granted, even though i was all revved up to go. then we had one new pasuk for today. (party time--the next 6 are MUCH simpler, back to what we were doing in bereshis). the words were not terribly complicated in this new pasuk, but stringing them together to make sense is. so her translation came out: window (precious jewel) you will make for the boat and to a foot you will finishe her (it) from the top. and door of the boat in her side you will put. under, 2nd, and 3rd (floors) you will make. so we discussed that. and in the middle of translating, she realized i was going to make her do it more than once. (so peeps, i guess we're making progress because she realized it herself which means she's coming towards accepting this as the way we are doing it--with chazara). and then the tantrumming began. the idea of chazara is totally overwhelming still. i guess eventually she will get more used to it and it won't be so overwhelming. so she whined while she translated coz she was thinking about chazara. then she whined before starting chazara, until i became firm. (lesson to me: confidence and non-angry firmness is key). so before i had her chazer it, i read it twice with hebrew, then english. she cried that she didn't hear it or remember it, so i did it again. then she started saying pieces from memory, kind of half joking. anything so she didn't have to read the hebrew and then say the english. finally, i insisted. and she did it. decently. (why oh why does she make such an issue and does it feel so overwhelming to her when in actuality she's very decent, it's not too hard, and it doesn't take so much time??? do i do this too? do we all do this??)

so tomorrow we will review pesukim 14, 15, and 16.

after that i'd love to zip through the pesukim like we used to, but i do think it's a better idea to stick with this chazara. hopefully it will go easier with the easier pesukim... we will see.

we still have rashi to do today. (i had her read the rashi on the window, just the words "window" and "precious jewel/good stone" but i don't think i'll chazer it w/ her).

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