Thursday, July 1, 2010

moving right along

so we started off ok. we reviewed the tricky pasuk, which she did nicely, the one she didn't like (with length width etc), but did fine on, and the one with the window, which needs more review. then i want to do 5 new pesukim today, since they are not difficult. and i wanted to review the last one again, since it needs it. she didn't like that, but agreed to do 1 new pasuk, then break (i wanted 5 min and she 50, we negotiated to 13 min), then do the review, then another new pasuk and break.

so we started reviewing pasuk 16, and it was ok. things deteriorated a bit when i told her to repeat תכלנה three times with 'you will finish her (it).' she gave me attitude, i knocked the number up to 5 as a penalty for chutzpa, she asked for 3, i agreed. she asked me why i agreed to 3, and i said that's what i wanted. then we got to פתח and instead of me miming it like i often do, i waited for her to figure it out, which sparked negativity. i told her to read and she said NO and i sent her to time out. which i assume was because she wanted a break. she just came out so we will resume.

we reviewed the rest of the pasuk and did a new one. the new one has a lot of suffixes that i want chana to have more fluent, so we'll be reviewing that tomorrow. neshei, ishtecha, banecha, etc. then 10 min break.

the question is what to do after the break. review? do another new pasuk? hmm.

i decided one more time to review pasuk 16. then we did pasuk 19, and left the next 3 for another time. we are done with chumash today. we still have to do rashi. and tomorrow i want to review 14, 16, and 18 and 19.

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