Wednesday, June 9, 2010

another day

i took a lot on today. first, i wanted to review the 2 phrases from yesterday that chana had difficulty with. she translated them literally again easily, and again had trouble figuring out what they meant. i told her, and she remembered from yesterday. then i decided to do 6 pesukim, since 5 were fairly easy.

chana looked at all the pages she had covered and was impressed with how much she had done. but she still fought me on the 6 pesukim. the first pasuk was a bit unwieldy and we went through it and then took a break. (also, i gave her a white board and a marker and although she scowled, she has been writing the shorashim and that's been going well). then after the second pasuk, she wanted a break even though i thought it was quick. i denied her a break, and after the third pasuk pasuk she was squirmy so she's off having a break now. i hope the next 3 will be quick and easy. (i wanted to work without break because jack is asleep and elazar is playing with his cousin; but chana prefers to spread the work out more).

3 words came up that i feel are worthy of review, so i'm going to drill chana on them:

אות sign
בלתי not
לכן therefore

i think chana got squirmy after one pasuk thinking about all the ones she was going to have to do. i don't think that one pasuk in and of itself was enough to make her antsy; it's the thought of all of them that got her antsy. as an adult, i also feel overwhelmed not by the inherent activity, but by the thought of doing more than i feel capable of, even if what i'm doing at the moment is doable.

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