Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rashi 5:24

so chana wanted me to tell it to her in english. so i summarized it for her (actually, in simple hebrew, because that's what i speak to her in). i said:
why did chanoch die so early?
why did hashem take him?

chanoch was a tzadik, but it was easy for him to be a rasha. (she didn't know rasha and i said somebody who does bad things). she asked how it would be easy for someone to be a rasha. i said, maybe if he had friends who were bad, and he was with them, and they did some bad things, and then he would, too...

and that's why hashem killed him, before he did anything bad.

chana accepted that surprisingly well. (there are lots of questions on that!)

then i had her read the rashi. i decided to only do the first half of the rashi, and to take out the word "v'silko" because salek doesn't come up that often. the purpose of the first reading was mainly for letter recognition. tomorrow we'll work on getting the words right. then after about a week of that, we'll work maybe on translation?

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