Thursday, June 3, 2010

another good day

another fabulous day! i decided to do 5 pesukim today, none of them terribly difficult. a bit of haggling, where i told chana that i WANTED to do 6 but out of concern for her sensibilities, i chose 5. she said it would take her a billion breaks, and i said fine.

we had a lovely time illustrating the flaming rotating sword. first we did flame and chana said it should say אש. then the sword. then she isolated the shoresh הפך and knew it meant opposite, and that fit into the sword flipping around. the rest of the pesukim went nicely.

chana wanted to know how hevel was a shepherd if he was just born. as sarah did before her, she saw that kayin's name had meaning and asked what hevel means, and henceforth called him "nothing."

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