Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the usual conflict today. chana was hungry and grouchy, but i fed her first. elazar was jumping off the wall, and happily my neighbor took him and jack was sleeping. i decided to do 4 pesukim, the first paragraph in noach.

there are a LOT of new vocab words. i had to tell her "toldos" even though she's seen it before and knew the shoresh. for some reason, she doesn't know 'tzadik' and i told her 'tamim.' shachet--corrupted, showed up 3x and it will show up tomorrow and she won't remember it. chamas-violence.

she zipped through the rashi. maybe time for another one. maybe tomorrow.

the question is, although we went over the meaning of these pesukim in english after she translated them on the white board, i know for a fact she won't be able to translate them tomorrow. should i review them a few more times? i say this because my homeschool friend has her son memorizing the translations of the pesukim, and it's nice that he remembers pretty much most of the translations that he's learned. as opposed to chana, who won't remember this at all. it would take a couple more days to review them. i think if i said that's what we are doing, she'll do it. especially if i do only one new pasuk tomorrow. i'll have to discuss this with the principal and get his opinion.

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