Sunday, June 20, 2010

siyum bereshis!

woot! chana nailed those last 4 pesukim of maftir. (it helps i counted wrong and thought there were only 3).

she still doesn't realize any thing with a רב shoresh is like הרבה--i think i have to devise a mnuemonic fo rthat. yetzer she didn't know, and i translated it for her. regret and erase i translated for her. everything else she did pretty smoothly. prefixes, suffixes, etc. she did 4 pesukim in 15 minutes.

she liked that noach matza chen because "chen" is the shoresh in her name, chana. she said, "does hashem even have eyes?"

and she read the rashi w/ almost no mistakes, too. it's genuinely odd (though obvious, when you think about it) that sometimes she's so "on" and sometimes she's so not. you'd think it would be a matter of: do you have the ability or don't you. but it's so much more complex than that. mood, time of day, hunger, all contribute to whether a person is "in the zone" or not.

anyway, kol hakavod chana for finishing the first parasha in bereshis!!!!!

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