Friday, June 4, 2010

discipline intertwines with learning

so last night chana asked to play with her cousin at 8pm and i said yes. i realized after she left that she hadn't done her work for art class, which means she'd have to do it in the morning, which cuts into our chumash time. i called her up and in the heat of the moment she promised she'd do it all tomorrow. i said no tv no ds until all work done tomorrow.

well, here it is, tomorrow, and she woke up furious because she didn't want to do it. oh, she gave it the ol' college try because she gave her word. but in true chana style, when she is unmotivated she is weepy and stubborn and molasses. her art calligraphy consisted of the words: "i want to die." i have never heard her use such extreme language. some kids do; she never did before.

so into that atmosphere enter chumash. we have less than half an hour and a weepy, furious (suicidal in a 9 yr old way) child. and i have to leave soon, putting me under a time constraint.
should i skip chumash?

well should i?

save it for later?

we did 3 pesukim. i basically told her all the words she didn't know. she didn't keep the thread. she wept. c'est la vie.

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