Sunday, June 27, 2010

new way of teaching

so the deal was that chana could have a sleepover last night if she doesn't whine during chumash today. she almost made it. we reviewed those pesukim. first one, excellent. we will not do it again until next week. the next 3 were very decent, and i only had her do them once, and we will repeat tomorrow.

the new one, she translated fairly smoothly, and was then delighted. no whining.

but. i wanted to review the new pasuk. not just tomorrow. but do it again today. then the whining began :-P

but i stood firm. it's not unreasonable to go over it a couple of times. i started a new way of doing it, that i like. first she translated it the usual way, breaking it down by prefix and suffix and i wrote it on the white board. and she read it all together afterwards to get the flow and we discussed it.

then, i put the board away and i read it to her phrase by phrase and translated it. then i had her repeat it. it took 3 times (which she grouched through) until she had enough fluency (not perfection) that i feel it will be familiar tomorrow when i do it with her.

tomorrow's plan. review the 3 old ones and the one new one. we may or may not do another new one tomorrow. i'm pretty busy this week. hopefully this afternoon i'll do the new rashi.

i like this new way because it has the best of all the worlds i've been grappling with. she still slogs through and translates. but then she reviews and gets fluency and sees it as a whole and it's great! just gotta break her into this new way until she accepts it as the way we are doing it. remember, it took her four months to be ok with getting herself a spoon for her cereal when she was 4.

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