Thursday, June 17, 2010

mutter mutter whine and mutter

hmm. lots happened. first, i asked chana to do chumash and she blew up at me. screaming and crying. whoa. so i took elazar to the playground.

she went to get cereal. i reviewed her vocab words, which she got immediately. when she finished eating, i reviewed the 2 rashis. first one, zoom. second one, decent. yesterday's rashi was a mess, she whined through it, and was generally unreceptive. plus i found a good rashi with easier words for today's pesukim, so i figured i'll drop the translation of that one but work on the reading. (oh, yeah, she asked to not do the last 2 words and i agreed. and she didn't do them).

then i left her alone for a while because she was cranky.

then i asked her to do chumash again. she was still resisting. i gave her more time.

then i asked her again, and as i asked, i heard jack on the monitor. then i got annoyed. i said, chana, this isn't just about when you want to do it. i wanted to do it when jack was sleeping because it's hard for me to do it while i have to keep elazar from jumping on top of jack.

then she felt guilty and said ok, i'll do it now. i said no good because jack is awake. but jack fell back asleep and so we got done.

then she asked how much, and i told her, and she started to cry that it's too much. grooooaaaan. and i said i'm not going to tell her if she's just going to say she can't do it. (hello, yesterday's conversation).

so she blitzed through the first bunch. then went out to the playground.

then she went through the pasuk on why noach was named noach. back to prefixes and suffixes. she whined her way through them. back to the ol' grind.

we have yet to review the reading for yesterday's rashi and hopefully a new rashi for today. i probably shouldn't introduce new rashis while still having trouble with the most recent one. i'm tempted to drop it in favor of the new one. we'll see.

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