Tuesday, June 1, 2010

more of the same

btw, yesterday's pasuk went uneventfully. today we have nothing to do. first half pasuk of chumash went well. i was thinking about doing 4 pesukim today, w/ many breaks.

the second half, though not terribly difficult, had 3 unfamiliar words, and enough conjugation to break chana's teeth. she started tantruming about looking up נה meaning her/it. she said it meant "us" which is a good guess, considering the nun. after a bunch of tantrumming, i walked away. it's really hard for me to remember a so-to-speak zero tolerance policy meaning i should walk away when it starts, but a) i sympathize with her frustration and b) sometimes i don't even consciously notice it, believe it or not.

after we finished, i decided that maybe we should review this pasuk. it wasn't terribly hard, and i thought she'd benefit from chazara. i was in conflict, coz i know she hates chazara. but i felt it would solidify it a bit.

she wasn't thrilled at the thought. but i said "this is today's work." she kept saying "it's on the board." so i erased the board. and she pretty much whizzed through it (if you discount the time when she accidentally knocked her ds on the floor and it froze, and she hadn't saved it, and she needed to grieve...). she negotiated that she will do only another 1.5 pesukim today. i feel like she should/can do more but frankly i don't have the energy to fight this.

she wants to be done by a certain time so she can go out and play. i wonder if that will make her more motivated or more time crunched. we'll see.


so she pretty much whizzed through the pasuk and a half. i told her the new words. no tantrums whatsoever. she had to hassle me to sit down because i was doing other stuff and she wanted it done. as usual, when she chooses how much to do and when to do it, it's so much easier.

i really wanted her to do the second half of the last pasuk, but she was adamant. it's easy and so are the next 2 pesukim. so hopefully tomorrow will be pretty smooth.

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