Thursday, June 10, 2010

a loooong day and lots of work

today was many hours of work. i think we started before 11am, and with breaks it is almost 2pm. this was to do 6 pesukim. which is a lot. and we reviewed, and i wanted fewer breaks, but we breaked when she needed to. and "nashim" seems to present her a problem, as well as "ishto." we did a few reviews and her first rashi. at the end of the day, we are wiped. and a bit grouchy. but i feel like chana worked really hard and accomplished a lot. we don't have that many days where nothing else is going on but us working on and off all day. i think i've been pushing chana harder and our days are less pleasant as a result, but this is the kind of long-term work that will hopefully reap benefits in terms of skills.

i made her read the rashi (היא אשתו של נח)
5x till she got it right. we'll review it tomorrow. we finished perek 4. looking forward to long lists of names coming up...

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