Tuesday, June 8, 2010

more thinking about the process

so today we didn't get to chumash until evening. i looked at the pesukim and they seemed challenging, so i decided to do 4. chana tried negotiating a few times, then finally settled into it. it turns out i was confused as to which was the last one we had done yesterday, so we did it halfway and realized that she had done it yesterday. so she only had 3 for today.

she actually didn't translate them with as much difficulty as i thought she would. however, the transition from the literal english to the meaning was beyond her (partly, i think, because it was late in the day and she wasn't sitting down fresh). phrases like: big my sin from carry/ and it will be all find me he will kill me

looking at them, i can see how they are confusing.

also, i perhaps need to make it a practice to have chana write down the shoresh. usually she reads it w/ all 3 letters and i write it down. and if there is a word where not all the letters are there, (today at least) she tantrums that i should tell her. i'd better get her used to writing the shoresh. theoretically, with her own white board and marker, it should be fun.

shout out to sarah for watching elazar and preventing him from jumping on top of jack and/or trashing the house while chana and i worked.

i'm currently grappling again with the question of whether or not to work on the translation to the point where chana knows it fluently before going further. it calls me like a siren, the idea that if i review enough chana will know the translation of any pasuk we've already done. but realistically, how much chazara will that take? and how long will she retain it? if i spend time reviewing until she knows it, and then come back to it a few months later, will she know it? and if you say i have to keep on doing chazara, then we have to review and review and then it takes longer and longer. it ends up that the time i would spend on it doesn't seem worth the result, and i may as well continue for now as i'm going.

i feel like maybe if i could get a handle on trope, it would be easier to sing the pesukim and translation a bunch of times?? who knows.. i'll continue to think.

any input would be helpful. i seem to remember the last time i asked for feedback on this question i got zero. thinking of calling the rav and asking his opinion one of these days...

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