Tuesday, June 29, 2010

review review review

didn't get a chance to write up yesterday. it was pretty uneventful. we reviewed and did one new pasuk.

today, we reviewed more. we are up to reviewing 5 pesukim. that's a lot. chana didn't want to do a new pasuk. and as we have rocket launching today of the rocket she built last week, and it's summer, i'm inclined to agree with her.

so she did 1 pasuk well enough that she graduated until monday (it's tuesday now). and the next 2 she will review one more time, and the next 1 she'll review 2 more times, and the last one she isn't fluent in, but it's fairly easily translateable so i think we'll just review it every day for the rest of the week.

we did yesterday's line in rashi and i added a new line. just reading, no translating. i already told her the gist and the language is fairly easy, so if it's fluent enough on her tongue, one day she'll know what it means.
she said, "hey mommy, you didn't say 'good job' when i read hakadosh baruch hu correctly!" she's right, i didn't notice. she did it so smoothly it was like she had known it for a while. (it's an abbreviation hkbh and she kept wanting to say "hashem" and i insisted on the full version because i think chazal's choice of which name to use when is significant. chana has been thinking a lot about all the names of hashem and has brought it up in conversation about the different names and what they signify).

so i would like to do for today, review 2 pesukim one more time each and one pasuk 2x more. we'll see if i have time. jack woke up and i have class in 25 min...

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