Wednesday, February 1, 2012

chana asked if we could review just 5 pesukim like yesterday. i said ok. i was going to do the next 5 pesukim, and she looked disappointed and said, "we aren't doing the ones from yesterday? coz i thought i'd know them..." so we did. she didn't quite remember the first pasuk, but the next 2 she did, and the 2 after that she needed review. then we went back to the first one again.

then, without me asking, she reviewed yesterday's new pesukim which were a bit complicated, and we did the rest of the aliya.

she said that the babies were not named for tamar's other husbands. i said maybe the last name, like "johnson."

she noted that the twins and birth order was similar to yaakov and eisav's birth. she had been hoping for a girl baby.

going through the 5 pesukim, the 2 yesterday's pesukim, and the new ones took about half an hour.

rashis she zipped through. she's been reading them in hebrew and asking me for the few words here and there that she doesn't know. maybe friday or next week we will try them in the other chumash and then she can "graduate" them.

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