Monday, February 20, 2012

chazara day whatever

you can look at the dates and figure it out yourself if you want.  we did half of revi'i on shabbos.  well, it was actually less than half but i told chana that whatever she doesn't do, she was finishing up the aliyah next time.  she agreed and finished it today.  today is presidents' day and i thought, wouldn't it be great if we finish the whole parsha today and then we can start the next parsha tomorrow?  chana did not seem enamored of this idea.  i said we'll take a lot of breaks.  she said my idea of a break is 5 minutes.  i said, ok, an hour.  she finished up revi'i just now.  there were quite a few words she didn't know.  i wasn't sitting next to her.  what i have been doing until now is not telling her the word, but telling her to continue translating and see if she remembers the word from context.  because it's 4:30pm and i've been trying to do chumash for hours with her and everyone is awake and needing me, i was not at my attentive best.  so i just told her the words.  i'll try to stay more on top of that for the rest of chazara. 

i don't know if we'll get to the whole parsha today.  chamishi is short but shishi is a doozy.  i also want to do math and reading and writing... we shall see.  maybe since today is a "day off" in the school system, i should focus just on chumash.

chana's computer is really going slowly and having trouble and she's doing 5+ hrs a day on movie making and i'd really like her to get a new one already.

oh, and while we were reviewing the pasuk of "and he didn't yasaf to know her anymore" she forgot what that meant.  and i said either it meant yehuda didn't stop knowing tamar or he didn't know her anymore after that.  ari was leaving the house and she called, "daddy!" but he left.  and i asked her what she wanted.  she said she wanted to ask him if he knew what it meant.  i said, what do you mean, i just told you what it means.  she said she wanted to ask him if he knew which one it was: did yehuda stop or did he stay with her?

so i said, quoting a rashi we've been doing, "chad amar v'chad amar!"

and she knew what i meant :-)

(it's the rashi that yosef went to do his work.  rav and shmuel.  chad amar his actual work, and chad amar to do his needs with potiphar's wife).

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