Monday, February 27, 2012

last 2 nights we've been back to the 8-9pm schedule that chana loves so much.  2/3 of boys have been going to sleep by 7, giving me time to unwind and still have energy to sit down for work for an hour.  i forgot that things are phases and phases are temporary. 

we zipped through the rest of sheni today.  i haven't done chazara on rishon yet.  i wonder how important it is.  she has the flow, and i don't think she'll learn more vocab via review.  but i did "budget" friday for chazara of rishon, since fridays are usually hassle-full days :-D

we did a few rashis.  she's still not getting the concept of the rashi that the nile river is the main point of pharoah's dreams.  every time we do it i explain it again or a little more.  when she says she doesn't get it, we move on. 

i think sheni definitely will need chazara since we did it so quickly.

i realized today we haven't done megila when we went on a trip and the kids were given a blank book to fill in the purim story and nobody was interested.  an interesting point about unschooling is that the other kids in the group already knew the story.  elazar was asking me about letters and sounding out some words, and chana was working on animation-type drawings, as is her current interest.  

i figured we'd maybe do megila tonight and i asked chana to choose from 3 options:

1. she read it in english
2. i read it to her in hebrew and explain it
3. we do it like we did last year, which is that she reads and translates select pesukim that i put into a pamphlet years ago.

she requested option 4:
i read to her in english.

so getting into the unschooling spirit, i said yes.  i'll let you know how it goes.

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