Wednesday, February 15, 2012

chazak vayeshev--how to construct chazara?

we finished vayeshev today.  chana didn't want to.  she wanted to go til maftir.  she's very busy figuring out how to do animation with her video editor and she didn't want to stop.  but for 4 not difficult pesukim, i pushed. 

now my question is what to do about chazara.  i could have her read the whole thing over again.  i might do that.  just take next week and run through it quickly.  but what will that achieve?  she will ask me the words she doesn't know.  she won't learn them from running through it one more time.  it might have some small value in her reviewing the story.  but it will annoy her, which will probably cancel out any benefit of reviewing the story. 

it goes back to educational goals.  if i know my goal, i will know what to do about chazara.  what is my goal?  to have her be able to read and translate the pesukim.  in reality, i've found that one more chazara will not teach her any new words.  i think she already has a sense of the flow of the story. 

we did 20 rashis on vayeshev.  those will definitely need a full chazara.  perhaps i'd be better off spending the week doing that. 

i wish i could think of a fun game to do for chazara.  again, i would need to define my goals so that i can construct a game that would be suited to them.

one of the really awesome things about homeschool is that i pick the goals, and then i can create activities that are precisely suited to what i want to achieve.  individualized instruction at its finest.

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