Tuesday, January 31, 2012


so today i tried picking just 5 pesukim and reviewing them 3x. first i had to decide which pesukim. then we had to choose do 5 in a row, 3x? or each one 3x and then move on to the next? chana decided to do the latter. she said she'd remember it more easily if she had just done it, rather than having time in between.

she did 3 pesukim (not easy ones) about 3x each and she ran out of steam. she began complaining. at this point, if i were unschooling, i would stop. the guiding principle of unschooling would dictate that she is no longer interested, and it's time to be done. maybe that is how i'll do it with the boys. not true unschooling, but ask "who wants to learn" when i have a moment, and if i'm taken up on it, then stop when they feel they've had enough.

but i'm not unschooling chumash , and

one answer to the question that always comes up regarding homeschooling: "but how will they learn to persist and follow through and complete things they don't like"***

is that there are many situations where it's not torturous to push through and past their comfort zone and have them do a little more. and so it was with these last 2 pesukim. then we did new pesukim. 2 new ones, fairly complex. we still have rashi to do. chana asked how yehuda thought she was a zona because her face was covered. rashi addresses that.

*** i often hear that as "how will we train them to be obedient, locking themselves into doing things that make them miserable like the rest of the world?"

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