Sunday, February 5, 2012

i want to finish already!

i told chana we'd buy her a computer when she finishes sefer bereshis. her current laptop was a present from my brother (given when i was on bedrest--what a fabulous gift) and it was his old (read "very slow") laptop that he was not using anymore, anyway.

(as much as this is not very alfie cohen of me, i must point out that this is not motivating her to move any quicker than she would otherwise.) it will, however, mark the occasion as a special and significant achievement.

i wish she would finish already because she spends most of her days making movies, and is pretty frustrated with her computer. however, i strongly believe it's important to work towards things. especially expensive things.

we are in chamishi of vayeshev. then miketz, vayigash, vayechi...

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