Thursday, February 2, 2012

carschooling again. we did the next 5 pesukim for chazara. they went nicely, but it took up the whole 20 min to get to parkour. on the way home, chana did not want to review yesterday's new pesukim. (they are tough. and i'm already worrying about chazara taking soooooo long if we only do 5 a day. but otoh, the other way was causing a lot of negativity.)

so we started chamishi. chana was delighted to find that we are back to yosef. the first pasuk she found hard enough that she didn't want to do anymore. interesting because she knew most of the words, but putting it together to find the meaning was a little complicated. then she whisked through the rashis.

so overall, not a particularly productive day. but we crept forward. tomorrow i plan to do those rashis without nekudos, to see if she can graduate.

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