Monday, February 13, 2012

minor real life application

chana had put up the water for macaroni.  she just asked me if i put the macaroni in the pot.  i said yes.  she asked me if it was the 3 minute kind, or the 10 min kind.  i said the 3 min, and i remembered.  she said good.  i said, "good thing you checked up on that." because last time i forgot it was 3 min and i set the timer for 10 min and the macaroni was a bit mushy.

then i said, "if i were yosef, you wouldn't have to check up on me.  because i wouldn't mess up and because hashem is matzliach everything i do."  she said, "you are not yosef."  and i agreed.

(she had been asking what it means that potiphar and the head jailor never knew what yosef was doing.)

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Cute interaction! do we think Hashem made yosef's macaroni not get mushy?
    Why not?

    we think that if yosef was in charge of a meal, hashgacha (in addition to his excellent leadership) dictated that there were no mishaps. since he had consistently excellent leadership plus the result of no mishaps, he ended up not needing supervision or being checked on to make sure everything was in place.