Tuesday, February 28, 2012

night school

today i was so busy studying and thinking about the effects of video games and the question of restricting them that i didn't get any teaching done whatsoever. 

we were supposed to work at 7:30pm, and chana agreed.  but it wasn't until 8:30 that i was able to sit down with her.  i decided to start with shlishi, even though we need chazara of sheni (and rishon, but like i said, i'm saving that for friday).  i took a look at it, and determined that 8 pesukim wouldn't be too onerous for her.  i planned to do review on some of sheni afterwards.  but til we got through it, i was already moving on to rashi and then it was getting late and i really don't like to do work after 9pm.  chana, though, was raring to go.  when we stopped after 8 pesukim she begged for more.  i said no, but she really wanted to keep going.  then we did the rashis easily enough. 

(funny: when pharoah said to yosef, "i am pharoah" she brought up a song about captain obvious.)
(she asked the question [doesn't yosef know that?] but didn't ponder long about the answer so i left it.)

then she zipped through 2 complicated fraction problems, reading, writing, and is full of energy.

she asked me why chumash wasn't hard for her tonight.

i think that the pesukim happened to be a perfect difficulty level for her.  interesting, a little challenging, but not teeth breaking.  also, we didn't do chazara, which she finds boring.  also, she is a night owl.  i must have mentioned this before.  she loves working at night.  she used to do all work at night.  perhaps as the little one are getting more into a routine, we can work only at night, which is when her energy level for learning peaks (in contrast to mine, which is first thing in the morning).

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