Thursday, February 16, 2012

chazara vayeshev day 1

i got a couple of helpful ideas to do "fun" chazara.  one suggestion was to perform it (thanks sigal), and another suggestion was to play jeopardy (thanks, em!)

the first thing we did in the car was review all the rashis.  she had some trouble with our most recent long one, since she hasn't had enough practice in that.  the rest of them i told her not to translate; just read them in hebrew and see if she remembers the gist of them.  she did.  i like that because i prefer her to do chazara in hebrew anyway, to inculcate the lashon rashi.  the car ride was 20 min and she did them all, beautifully.

tonight we started performing the pesukim in rishon.  chana was pretty interested in the idea.  we did 2 pesukim.  one i acted as she read, and one she acted as i read.  then she said she'd rather just translate as usual.

it was good chazara because she didnt' remember the bundles and a few phrases she got after a little bit of thought.  i'm happy to report that she finally seems to have incorporated into her memory the shoresh "natzav" to stand.  (which we used to do by making a little standing up-side down V with my index and middle finger as legs.)

then we went through that long rashi.  i asked her what every single pronoun was because there were a lot of pronouns "she and they and him and them and they" and she was feeling like it was sooooo obvious but that really broke it down and i think she'll have an easier time with it tomorrow.  tomorrow i'm going to try for sheni and for those rashis w/o nekudos.  or maybe, since it's friday, we'll leave the rashis for the time after and we'll just do sheni and that rashi again and see how she does.

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