Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the review

chana asked to skip today. not a great way to go in. she agreed to review yesterday's words.

ki she remembered
vo in his
(it's actually in IT, it being shabbos)
she didn't remember. i asked if it was shabbos or melacha, she said shabbos. she was completely lost regarding the verb structure (that it is a verb, that it means "he rested." i gave her choices: he, she, them, you. she said please give her only 2 choices)
mikol no problem
melachto she felt she had seen it, but didn't remember.
the vav at the end she said was him or it. (in this case, it's "his. sigh. it's a lot to keep track of, especially if you don't grasp it as a whole). melacha i sang a song, she still didn't remember it. i said it's avoda. she said why didn't you just say so.

i said, did you understand what all the words put together mean? she said no. i said we'll do it again tomorrow.

now that we are finished, i think i was remiss in not saying "because on IT (shabbos) he (hashem) rested from all HIS work."

i think tomorrow i will have her write each translation on a white board, then i will write the above line on the white board and see if we can make some progress.

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