Wednesday, April 28, 2010


ps as i write the previous post, chana is calculating how much money she will earn for hebrew reading...


  1. Just wondering about the dictionary issue... have you read any of Carl Rogers' stuff on education? Here's one nice summary I found online: link

    I think he would say just have the dictionary available without suggesting that it be used. I remember reading one example where he just told his students what resources were available and then just sat there until the students initiated - extreme, but interesting.

  2. thanks!

    that example doesn't actually sound all that extreme to me.

  3. Oh, you have to read the description of the class to get how extreme it was - I realize what I said didn't sound extreme. I found the article online: here

  4. that was extremely interesting. thank you. and please let me know when your post on lo lishma is available. (no pressure ;)