Wednesday, April 28, 2010

movin right along

the easy days are over. (i didn't write yesterday. she blasted through the pasuk, no prob. did the whole thing). 2 new words today. chana is firm in her insistence against the dictionary. נהר was easy by drawing a river (ocean? lake? pool?). and להשקות she isolated the shoresh ש.ק.ה
i had high hopes she'd make recourse to the milon, but no. she read it in context and had trouble figuring it out. so next to the river i had drawn on the bottom, i drew a garden (and she stuck in 2 trees, one the עץ החיים and the one of knowing good and bad (with 'good' fruit and 'bad' fruit--interesting)). then i asked her what she thought that river would do. (dry? turn into rain?). finally she figured it out. (water it!). i told her a drink is a משקה. not sure if that registered.

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