Monday, April 19, 2010

chugga chugga

another successful evening with the white board! i kept yesterday's white board intact, and took out a new one for today. she did it easily. found the shoresh of the one new word (himtir) (had some trouble that the ה means "to make happen" but i know this shows up often so she'll get it eventually). translated smoothly and then had no desire to see what it meant as a whole.

i cajoled her, so she read the board a couple of times until she figured it out. she didn't want to see what the first half had to do with the second half. but i asked her, and she reviewed yesterday's english, which was right there, and then went smoothly to the second half, and then summarized.

i did not have her look up "matar" in the dictionary (which she thought was "to let," like mutar, which was a good association. i wrote מתר and מטר down one underneath the other, and in classic 8 yr old obnoxiousness she said they look the same. i circled the tes and the taf) and told her i would draw it for her. i had the white board right there, after all. i drew a cloud and raindrops and she got it immediately.


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