Friday, April 9, 2010

pretty smooth

chana wrote down melacha. i reminded her that we learned in r' winder that the taf with a prefix was originally a "hey." (ie melachto is melacha shelo). then she looked it up in the dictionary. she was happy that she opened up to the "mem" section, but it took her a really long time to go through the letters. she opened up to the end of mem, and kept asking me if tzadi, pey, ayin, nun came before or after mem. i stood next to her and turned the pages back with her until she got to mem lamed. then i asked her if aleph came before or after whatever the third letter was of the mem-lamed word. she knew aleph was before :)

she had a hard time finding it on the page. i showed her the general area. she had a hard time picking out which definition fit. (work). she wrote it down. (geez, i'm exhausted writing all this. no wonder she runs out of steam after looking up one word).

then, wondering if i was pushing too hard, i verbally reviewed the pasuk "hashem gamar bayom hashvi'i..."
"his work!" chana said.
"asher asa..." i prompted. no response.
"th..." i prompted.
"that," chana said.
"asa..." i prompted.
"he did."

so what did hashem do on the 7th day? he finished everything.

next time, second half of the pasuk. i think she knows all the words.

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