Monday, April 12, 2010


while chana was drawing, i asked her what vayekadesh is. she had no idea. i said "the word i told you i was going to ask you from chumash." she remembered immediately. i asked her how hashem made yom hashvi'i special. she said she didn't know.

i said nothing.

she said, "how did hashem make it special?"

well since you asked...

i said, what day is yom hashvi'i?

she said she didn't know. then she realized it was shabbos. she said it was special because hashem finished his work (i like that she drew upon pshat for the answer). then she said, no, that's not special. then she said hashem made shabbos special by we don't have to do any work that day.

i am wondering if it is worthwhile to have her put all the words together tomorrow when she clearly has a grasp of the flow of what we did today, even though she didn't actually translate it word for word into coherence. she will perceive a review as annoying and pointless, and i don't think it will ultimately advance her translation skills. thanks for helping me think that through.

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