Friday, April 16, 2010


so today i went in with the whiteboard. chana was hungry, and i ought to know better. a fed kid is a less easily frustrated student. but as usual, the temptation to do chumash while she agreed was too great. jack was sleeping but elazar didn't like what was on tv, wanted to color, colored on chana's whiteboard, and on chana, and on the chumash... (i finally took the markers away, and then he had nothing to do but stand on the chumash..)

so the whiteboard is working well. i wrote down each piece as she said it. i left a blank for "toldos" since after chana found a familiar shoresh (yeled) she still wasn't sure what it was exactly. when we got to בהבראם she remembered the prefixes in and the (the ה isn't exactly the, but the quirk of grammar i let go) and absolutely melted down screaming at the ם suffix. me trying to remind her about r' winder or give her choices was not flying. "I CAAAAAAN'T REMEEEEEEMMMMBBBBEEEER r' winder!!!"

i had a brainstorm. "do you want me to bring down the r' winder book and you can find the different parts?" absolutely. i got it down, she found the suffix easily, i plugged it into the whiteboard, she read the whole thing and it made sense.


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