Friday, April 30, 2010

a better time was had by all

so today i asked chana when she wanted to do chumash. she surprised me by saying after she eats her macaroni (for breakfast). i figured she'd want to do it after chemistry class. after she ate, i noticed she had 8 minutes left to the show she was watching so i asked her if she wanted to finish it up. she did.

at which point elazar begged for chumash. so i said ok. and chana said, hey, it's MY turn for chumash and they begin kind of bickering over who gets to do chumash. i said elazar first and i showed him some shins since he seemed to distinguish those last time, and then i pointed to sounds and had him repeat, then pointed to words and had him repeat. i really think i ought to learn trup because he tends to know all the words of songs and it could be a good thing for him down the road if we trup the pesukim. after a pasuk, it was chana's turn.

i took a new white board and made a wiggly line that branched into 4 wiggly lines. i said "this is the nahar. it parad into 4 roshim." (i actually said the whole thing in hebrew). and i pantomimed with my hands. and she said, "split?" yup. then she reviewed the whole white board from yesterday. i asked her who was the "he split" and "he was 4 heads." she thought it was hashem but when i said it was the nahar, she saw that.

then we did the 3 words of the half of the next pasuk. zip. the next part is tough because i don't know one of the words. should i just look it up and tell her? because she is so resistant to the dictionary? i wonder what will happen.

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  1. Let me highly recommend "A Reader's Hebrew Bible". I ordered it from Amazon and just received it. There are lots of samples here. Any word that appears less than 100 times in the HB is referenced on the bottom. In the back is the glossary of the words that appear with the 100+ frequency. All names are in gray. It's also beautiful. Check it out - it might be a big help. I plan to use it with my students.