Friday, April 16, 2010

dictionary skills

btw, as lovely as the "milon" idea was for sarah, that's as unlovely as it is for chana. she is not interested in making her own dictionary at all (sarah was enamored of the idea). she said she doesn't mind writing the words and definitions down, but she hates looking it up. i said, if i'm not around, and you don't know the word, which is more important--that you can write it down or that you can look it up?

obviously she said it is more important to write it down. groan.

anyway, i have to give some thought about the dictionary skills. as far as i know, most people in the world are reasonably competent with a dictionary without having been forced to do it at a young age.. or was everyone forced to do it and this caused the competence? nah, that's illogical.

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