Monday, April 12, 2010

in under a minute

i wanted to do chumash while both boys were sleeping, but chana was playing club penguin and wanted another 1/2 hr. i would have agreed except i knew jack would be up before then. i told her 10 min warning, and when jack started to whimper around that time, i quickly opened the chumash. i knew we'd finish before he got to a full blown cry.

she had trouble with vayevarech and vayekadesh even though she recognized bracha and kiddush. i told her vayekadesh meant "and he made special." and i told her that tomorrow i was going to ask her what that word meant. and i asked her one more time what it meant, and she said "to make special." so maybe she will remember it tomorrow.

i would love to bring up the questions of what it means to bless a day and what it means to make a day special.

she did not put the words together to understand what the phrases mean as a cohesive whole. i think perhaps tomorrow i will try to get her to understand it as a whole and to discuss those questions, and we won't go on to the second half of the pasuk.

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